Corporate Safety Policy Statement

At Earth Tek Engineering, we value the safety and health of each employee. All employees and subcontractors shall be provided with a safe environment. Preventing illnesses and injuries is of primary importance. In order for us to achieve these safety standards, we will:

  • Comply with all safety regulations on federal, state, and local levels
  • Provide training for all employees
  • Incorporate safe practices and sound judgment on our job sites
  • Protect the community and public from job site hazards

It is the responsibility of all Earth Tek employees to help maintain a safe work environment. Therefore, all employees will:

  • Notify Earth Tek’s Safety Manager of any hazardous activities that occur on the job site
  • Notify Earth Tek’s Safety Manager of any significant safety violations, incidents, or concerns
  • Receive proper training for safety procedures and regulations to maintain compliance
  • Attend weekly safety tailgate meetings on-site

Our employees, subcontractors, and visitors will have access to safety materials while they are on our job sites. Those safety materials include:

  • First aid kits that are always properly stocked
  • Listing of all safety regulations
  • A hazardous chemical list
  • Listing of emergency phone numbers, which are always on display
  • Earth Tek Engineering’s safety policy statement will be prominently posted at our job -trailers when present

Safety Training

Before any person is permitted onto an Earth Tek Engineering job site for work, or to conduct a visit, safety procedures and policies must be thoroughly explained. No employee is permitted to work without proper training. Individuals must fully understand our policy and be in full compliance.

New employee safety orientation is mandatory upon hire. During the orientation, employees will receive the proper training.

Subcontractors and temporary employees will also receive training before they are permitted to work.

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Top Priority

The number one priority of Earth Tek Engineering Corporation is safety. We strive to maintain a safe environment that is injury-free and compliant with OSHA standards. The people of Earth Tek Engineering are our best assets, which is why job safety is our top priority.

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