Dean Forman | Founder & President

Dean Forman is Earth Tek Engineering Corporation’s Founder and President. He provides experienced and enthusiastic leadership for all administrative and field operations. He has over 35 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of earthwork.

He began in the construction industry with his purchase of earthwork equipment in the early 1980s. Extended members of the Forman family have been involved in the grading and engineering industry, providing Dean with the opportunity to begin the utilization of this specialized equipment. Later, Dean became affiliated with an engineering contractor that allowed him the opportunity to estimate and manage various projects.

This arrangement ended, and a more profitable opportunity presented itself by which Dean, along with several managers from previous ventures, undertook and established their own engineering and grading contracting firm. This resulted in the formation of Earth Tek Engineering Corporation.

Tom Chavez | Vice President

Tom Chavez is the vice president and oversees the estimating and project management team at Earth Tek. Together with staff, Tom prepares hard, competitive bids and provides value engineering for negotiated projects, which have become more prevalent on large projects today. Upon successful award or negotiation, the team coordinates oversight until closeout and completion.

Mr. Chavez began in the construction industry in the early 1980s. The importance of recognizing regional trends and adjusting to changing conditions became apparent as he worked with several local real-estate developers. Participation in the successful development of residential and commercial developments has brought a unique perspective to Earth Tek, especially in providing site development and earthwork services to Southern California builders and developers.

Terry Campuzano | VP of Field Operations

Terry Campuzano is the VP of Field Operations of Earth Tek Engineering Corp. Terry has been in the construction industry for over 35 years. He began his career in masonry and then began working with Dean in the early ’90s as an equipment operator. When Dean ventured on his own, Terry came on board to assist with the purchasing of equipment, hiring, and managing operators.

As the company continued to grow, Terry implemented our Safety Program, which he continues to monitor and update as changes take place in the industry. He is responsible for all the heavy equipment up to and including managing the field mechanics and heavy haul operations.

Lorena Baque | Controller

As Earth Tek’s controller, Lorena manages the office, prepares monthly and year-end financial statements, implements, and monitors financial controls provides analysis and budgeting and serves as the corporate secretary for the company.

Mrs. Baque has been working in the construction industry since the late 1980s. She has worked in all aspects of the office, from Dispatching, and Project Management to Accounting. Accounting is where she found her forte. She began working with Dean Forman in 1994 in the beginning stages of his corporation.

James Nelsen | Lead Estimator

With experience from the field trades, James Nelsen began as a CAD draftsman at a civil engineering firm. In a few years, he advanced to CAD Designer. His perseverance and drive led him to become a project engineer at a well-known engineering firm in the Inland Empire.

Because of his background, James was brought in as an estimating assistant to help refine Earth Tek’s estimating department.

In the short time, James has been with Earth Tek, he has taken on the role of the lead estimator, enhancing accuracy and budgeting capabilities for the benefit of our clients.

Dominique Martinez/Office Manager/HR/Payroll

Ms. Martinez has been in the construction industry since 1996. Her experience included working for a grading contractor where she was primarily involved in the heavy equipment rental department up to and including dispatch and payroll.

Dominique began her employment with Earth Tek Engineering since its inception in 2004. She began with payroll and job costing and then moved to the Project Management Department before becoming the Office Manager. Because of her experience, she is well informed in all aspects of construction procedures from the beginning to the end of a project.

As the Office Manager, she supports company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff. She manages the clerical aspect of the company and coordinates it with every department. In addition, her vast knowledge of all departments made her an essential part in streamlining the policies and procedures for the company.

Estimating & Project Management

Dean Forman - President

Tom Chavez - VP

James Nelsen - Estimator

Leo Banuelos - Estimating Assistant

Office & Accounting Department

Lorena Baque - Controller

Dominique Martinez - Office Manager/HR/Payroll

Jamie Lira - PM Assistant

Brice Birrell - Dispatcher

Christine Berry - AP

Dominick Fasone - Project Manager


Terry Campuzano - VP of Field Operations

Eric Smith - Logistics/Safety

Jarrod Walusko - Lead Mechanic

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